Mini robot Orbotix Ollie managed from your Smartphone


Mini robot Orbotix Ollie managed from your Smartphone


Mini robot Orbotix Ollie Product review


What is this product ?

Ollie is a little robot, managed from your Smartphone or tablet.
Like other toys from Orbotix, its design is simple as it is brilliant. Cylindrical form factor gave him two areas of contact with the surface and zero turning radius: in other words, Ollie can turn around on level ground. Which propelled into success due around its axis, it will be able to overcome the serious obstacles like stairs and ledges. Try safely the unpretentious and Hardy casing outrun it is will not be easy even on a skateboard.
In addition, the system of artificial intelligence and intelligent application made it unthinkable to agile, huge opportunities for entertainment provides open source: Ollie is a fully programmable robot. Use of multiple sensors, 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, infrared sensors, and decide how it will respond to the world around him. Get it through the obstacle course, have run away from you, ride a race and even danceOllie is able to do everything!
Ollie full participant rather than just a fun toy. It will be your companion for a long time for the entertainment.


Futuristic design must not leave indifferent even the hardcore geeks. Cylindrical shape lends flexibility. Even on high speed control sensitively Ollie.
Its body is made of durable polycarbonate, the color of which you can choose from two classic options: black and white. More options for customization provide replacement Accessories: multicolored shields“,tire” andcaps the five types presented in the online Designer on the official site. Picking the right parts, you’ll be able to Ollie for games at unusual venues, whether sandy beach or reservoir.



Ollie ready to play almost as soon as I come out of the box. Charge it with a USB cable, install on the mobile device with the Bluetooth module, the controller application and have fun until next charge!
Race through the corridors, jump with jump, do bèkflipy at a speed of 4 m/s-he will survive.


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