EverDock Duo Dock station for two Apple or Android devices


EverDock Duo Dock station for two Apple or Android devices


Everdock Duo-universal dock Product review

         Everdock Duo-universal dock for any models of smartphones and tablets with the ability to charge two devices

Everdock is the only dock that you need. One for all mobile devices. Lightweight and strong aluminum case. Convenient and aesthetic design. Models for the two devices. Suitable for virtually any Smartphone and Tablet (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony, Nokia). Created By FŪZ Designs
Each of us uses every day at least one (or more) mobile devices. The dock is both charger and a convenient base for your Smartphone or tablet. But the uniqueness of the docking station Everdock in its universality. Everdock fits all major mobile smart devices presented at today’s technology market. Your own adapter inside the Everdock allows you to connect mobile devices with different connectors. Everdock works with micro-USB type, 30pin and the lightning (8-pin).


There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to work with your Smartphone, which is constantly swinging and is about to fall from the supports. Height of mobile devices becomes more, and smaller than a. Therefore, to secure the tablet or Smartphone at Everdock, uses micronozzle. This advanced technology allows you to firmly install the mobile device docking stations and forget about any unrest at the expense of its sustainability. Despite a strong fixation on Everdock, the device can be removed with ease, with two fingers. The makers call it grab & go” (and went).


Best personal devices are simple and comfortable. Additional parts and accessories usually only complicate our lives. Ingenious minimalism Everdock allows to change the cables under the different gadgets in a matter of seconds. Instantly change your dock configuration inplace. Everdock can be used without removing the protective cover from your Smartphone. In a special Everdock silicone protector to protect mobile devices from damage. To connect the dock to your Smartphone or tablet with protective cover, just remove the silicone protector.


Everdock coating made of aerospace aluminum. This modern, functional and high quality material is used for high-end computers, smart phones and tablets (for example, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc.). This coating is durable and aesthetic quality and will perfectly fit the design of your mobile device. The creators offer Everdock in three colorsSilver metallic, gold metallic and dark gray.



  1. With universal dock Everdock can charge gadgets with different connectors. Change the cable to connect to other mobile device takes only a few seconds;
  2. Tech mikrovsasyvaniâ securely locks the device on Everdock and at the same time, you can easily remove it from the base unit when you need it;
  3. Stylish and minimalist dock station Everdock perfect for the Office or home, integrated in any interior and matching the look and feel of your Smartphone or Tablet;
  4. Model Everdock Duo allows you to simultaneously install and charge on the dock are two different devices.