Portable speaker system JBL OnBeat Rumble


Portable speaker system JBL OnBeat Rumble


What is this Product?

JBL On Beat Rumble is a speaker system for iPhone, iPod and iPad equipped with Lightning connector. It will give you many hours of true music enjoyment with Jetset JBL sound, which has long been the stuff of legend. To listen to music, it is not necessary to install your gadget in this device, because it supports the sound transmission using Bluetooth technology!


  1. Stylish appearance
  2. Sound JBL
  3. Bass incredible depth
  4. Play music through Bluetooth
  5. Frequency range: 5018000 Hz
  6. Signal/noise ratio: 75 DB <
  7. AUX connector


Portable speaker system JBL On Beat Rumble absorbed all innovations and technologies of JBL. At its creation were used only high-quality components. You will appreciate this device will worth only include it!
It doesn’t matter whether the source supports Bluetooth or not: JBL docking station OnBeat Rumble will provide you with a reference-quality sound JBL support thanks to the entrance. You can connect almost any audio devices, including MP3 players, smartphones, tablets and netbooks.
What is a party without a deep, strong bass? JBL docking station has a Rumble OnBeat 114 mm subwoofer with flared port to the “floor“, which delivers tight bass that can charge the correct energy of any company.
The new connector is integrated into the Lightning. Connect your iPad mini, iPad (4-th generation), the iPhone 5 and newer iPod touch (5-th generation) and iPod nano (6th Gen 7) and get ready to hear the customised sound! Cool bass JBL and superfunkcional′nost′ Apple will create brilliance sound that proberet you to the bone.


On the power dock JBL OnBeat Rumble zatrâsutsâ even the walls. The strength of its sound so great, what about your new system learns the entire district. Universal Dock adds 50 watts of power on your music-and the party will be in full swing!
Enjoy high quality streaming audio format AAC transfer by Bluetooth. JBL docking station OnBeat Rumble is designed to connect the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, but it is also compatible with full-size iPad and almost any other Bluetooth SD/SDHC memory cards.
HARMAN technology TrueStream is a guarantee of the highest quality wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth connection. In our products is the most modern and advanced functionality that provides highest sound quality regardless of your applications and devices.
In the JBL dock OnBeat Rumble applied developed by JBL design port to operate correctly Slipstream to reproduce incredibly powerful bass with minimal distortion. Whether your device is connected to a docking station or playing streaming audio, you’ll always hearand feelthis bass without unwanted resonance.
Portable speaker system JBL OnBeat Rumble is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPad and other Apple devices equipped with Lightning connector at the same time charging them. Whenever you want to take a player with a, it will always be ready to go.
Use our convenient and stylish JBL MusicFlow application, which is available for free download at the Apple App Store, you can choose Cover Flow music, create and edit playlists and add a collection of favorite songs. Also in MusicFlow EQ modes are available, so sound JBL docking station you can Rumble is OnBeat customized to any room.
Download your favorite mixer from the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad, plug in the JBL OnBeat Rumble on Bluetooth and play and mix your favorite playlists for music events.
No matter which corner of the room you put JBL dock OnBeat Rumble. She always plays the sound in the range of 50 Hz to 18 kHz. Your ear will not miss even one smallest detail, no melodic nuances.