Ghost Aerial Drone


Ghost Aerial Drone


What is Ghost Areal Drone?

Ghost Drone Aerial is a professional quadrocopter with remotely controlled suspension for a series of the GoPro. The device run up to 80 km/h and can stay in the air for about half an hour.
In Ghost Drone Picture will remain stable even at wind speed up to 30 km/h, a survey can be conducted and in the rain, and slush.
In the night mode, Ghost uses bright LEDs to point out themselves: a red light nose, bluetail. Thus, you will always see the drone in the night sky and see how that is flying
Unique automatic system monitoring allows Ghost Drone to follow signal source without user interaction. Want to take pictures of their adventures from the outside, but prefer solitary travel? The function “Auto-follow will keep you in a frame, wherever you travel, which is especially useful for active sports.
When the battery is discharged, the application will warn you and Ghost will automatically launch or any other point you specified for landing.
Travel light with Ghost Drone. You will need only to manage mobile device and compact radio G-Box-No huge control panels with retractable antennas.
Ghost comes fully assembled and ready to fly.


The device has a profile of the classical quadrocopter d-pad with motors and propellers, which secures the swing with electronics. The glossy polycarbonate enclosures corners smoothed out for the sake of aerodynamics, and removable backup allow landing even with the suspension and the camera.


To increase the radius of the flight quadrocopter, the developers added the G-Box-Bluetooth transmitter, connects to a Smartphone and the Protocol Manager of Ghost. G-Box has its own battery, that will save the charge of your mobile device.
Interface of corporate applications to Ghost created intuitive and as simple as possible: a button take-off and landing, returning to the starting point, strips of height and rotation, and area map for exact positioning. Tilt quadrocopter tilt-adjustable mobile device. From your application, you can manage the control suspension and camera.