Wahoo KICKR Amazing iPhone Powered Bike Trainer


 Wahoo KICKR Amazing iPhone Powered Bike Trainer


What is  Wahoo KICKR ?

“Smartbike Wahoo KICKR will change your ideas about home workouts. Now you don’t need a bulky expensive exercise bike! Just remove the back wheel with your bike and instead install the sleeve Wahoo KICKRmeasurement of force and velocity is performed directly without any additional transmission mechanisms. Hop on a bike, fix the handlebar Smartphone and just a few tapov change the resistance of the flywheel. Get ready for the most comfortable home exercises that you could imagine!
Zest Wahoo KICKR‘s designs, which make it compact and suitable for almost any existing model bike with a frame from 24 to 29 inches. This “smartbike is so portable and easily transportable, that it’s even possible to take on the trip.
Massive flywheel Wahoo KICKR with electromagnetic resistance is designed to provide a realistic feel, as from this trip. You climb a hill or nesëtes′ on the šossejnomu descent, Wahoo KICKR will give you a feel.
And during these workouts you don’t žžëte your tires, how fast you were going. Forget about lâzge and buzz of conventional velotrenažërov: Wahoo KICKR completely silent.
Thanks to adapted software Wahoo KICKR can be driven not only from your Smartphone or tablet, but even with a stationary PC or laptop, Bluetooth 4.0 or with ANT + module connected. Together with the special sports for Wahoo KICKR develops simultaneously in velogonočnyj Simulator and a virtual coach. We recommend you to pay attention to such programs as Virtual Training, Kinomap and TrainerRoad.


Strange from a sports simulator require conform to fashion trends, but the designers have taken care of it. KICKR exterior looks like a cross between an alien tripod fighting and camcorders. Black matte anti-corrosion coating body bears gray decorative elements on the legs and the drawer company logos. As for exercise bike, looks just gorgeous.


Before you start training, you need to install a bike at Wahoo KICKR. Remove the rear wheel, place the bushing with cassette set in the rear frame and fasten the feathers with the help of the eccentric clamp. Be sure to check the reliability of the fastening!
Now, sync your mobile device/computer/laptop is. Download the free trade of Wahoo, turn on Bluetooth and follow the prompts to properly calibrate your device. It will not take much time, the calibration is used only once the first time or when you change bike.