Xiaomi Mi Band-overview of the cheapest fitness Tracker


Xiaomi Mi Bandoverview of the cheapest fitness Tracker

The fact that any fitness Tracker can count steps and calories burned, as well as measure the distance, nobody will be surprised. Manufacturers of sports bracelets are now difficult to surprise than capricious buyers. The Chinese company made Xiaomi ratsuk and released a tracker, which has the function of the smart alarm clock can alert notifications, keeps your battery and it is worth many times cheaper than competitors. It sports a braceletMi Band.
Xiaomi Mi Band looks very simple and yet stylish. It consists of two parts-the main unit and a removable strap.

The main module oblong with rounded corners. The flip side is made of black plastic, and the front has a gray aluminum coating. On the pay attention in the first place.
The capsule gently sits in a thin rubber strap. There can be multiple colors. The tracker in the strap is holding up well. But there is a sense that the band could stretch out over time and suddenly pops up, after all, wear the Tracker you need every day. The clasp is reliable. But be prepared, not pin bracelet at the first attempt may not succeed. We also advise you strongly not to tighten strap, or the edge of the base unit will blow out.
The screen is not here, and you will not find buttons. All settings of the bracelet are special application. The only reminder of the fact that the device is turned on is a small led lights. A total 3. They light up when you hold the bracelet to a person (as you do with the watch when want to know the time).
The Tracker is easily extracted from the bracelet by extrusion. In practice, you will have to do so rarely, mostly in order to charge the device.
By the way, in the mode of the active work of the bracelet will last a whole month. The fitness Tracker low power consumption. By today’s standards, this work is a great indicator. Charge better not lose, because she is the original and is connected via a USB cable.