New Features of Facebook Watch


Hello Friends Today I am going to update you about some cool features of New Facebook video destination, Facebook Watch which is having a new feature called “Your Topics” that will allow you to tailor its feed to include more of the content you want to see. At present Facebook leverages its existing understanding of each viewer’s interests to personalize the Watch Feed. Topics, however, will allow users to more explicitly tell Facebook what sort of things they like by exploring and subscribing to various content categories.

With more and more people looking for more content to watch online, Facebook has this week launched a new set of video features which are designed to help creators build audiences for their video content, and promote return viewership.

Facebook also launching a new Videos tab for Pages, which will put more focus on playlists and series listings by separating your videos into groups thus the videos may get more views.

Facebook Watch provides personalised recommendations in its Discover tab, using fun, Facebook-esque categories like “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh,” and “Shows Your Friends Are Watching.”
Subscribing to a show instantly connects Facebook users with fellow fans through show-linked Groups.
During a show, Facebook users get access to a live comment section where they can chat with other viewers and friends in real-time.

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