How to install Viber on Tablet


How to install Viber on Tablet


The program is a decent analog Viber Skype. It allows you to communicate using VoIP telephony. At the same time, the application does not require a separate account and is very well integrated with the phone book any Smartphone. Let’s look at how to install Viber on your tablet.
Vajber can be installed on many different platforms of current mobile devices-Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry. In addition, installing the software, it is possible for desktop operating systems MacOS and Windows. The Viber compresses voice that allows you to communicate even on 3 g connection.
Despite the attachment device phone number Viber, in practice you may install the software on devices that do not have a telephone extension. This iPod Touch, iPad as well as players and tablets with Android Operating system.
To do this, the user needs to have a Smartphone with the already established by Viber. If he has none, in this case, you can use the phone a friend. Phone number must be private, to use your own phone book.
The installation process is similar to the standard procedure. Yet when you enter the number and activation code you will need to enter the room, which is currently installed on your phone.

When the message arrives, you will need to enter it in the app on your player or Tablet and continue the installation as usual.

After that the program is activated and you can use it to communicate in Viber using a headset, a microphone and speakers. It should be noted that the Viber restricts Internet connection using Wi-Fi.
If the tablet with Android operating system does not have a phone app (which is quite often), the owner of the device, you must have a book of contacts in your Google account and “score to contact phone numbers. Viber has the ability to identify this entry as a system, after which it imports the address book from there. The iPad and the iPod Touch such issues arise not because the book of contacts in them there is always.