Dukto means duct, pipe or tube in esperanto. Well, this program acts as a conduit for transferring files over a local network, regardless of restrictions on users, operating system and addressing of computers.

No installation required, through a simple interface and no need internet connection or server, just drag and drop files to send them to colleagues Dukto in a given IP address. The program works without any configuration and without changing the system registry, simple as that.

The Dukto discovers clients automatically and transfers files at high speed, and you can also download more than one file and folders at the same time. All transfers are recorded in logs.


duktoThe use of Dukto is not complicated. Just two computers linked in a network or directly connected to execute the program to start. In the case of connections without router, must identify computers Dukto involved and display them in aba Buddies. In the case of connection to router, the transfer is done by IP address. On the IP tab Connection, it is necessary to inform this number or host on the Destination host name or IP address.

In both cases, simply drag the file you want to download to start the copy. By default, the Dukto saves files received in the same directory where the executable file of the program, but this is easily changed in Destination folder. It is worth mentioning that the Dukto has no security features, so it is recommended that you use it only on trusted networks.

Above you gave a full description about its features, be aware and Dukto now what we think of him
The Dukto is an interesting option to solve a temporary impossibility or a very serious problem on a network, for example. The requirement of the program is that the network is functioning and stable wrapped. The Dukto won’t make a miracle and transfer files without acknowledging the network.

Is a program well indicated to keep in a pendrive, for example. It’s the kind of program that doesn’t need to be used so often, but will do well when necessary.